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Finding Accommodation in Kaduna

As I grow up, I begin to want independence a little more than I used to. I want to have control of my time and pretty much choose what to do. Well, that’s what led to my search for a house in Kaduna.

In trying to move out, I’ve learnt that sorting your accommodation can be a bit more difficult than presumed. Some say I’m just too picky. Anyhow, I’m still yet to find a decent place so there’s that. One thing is sure, you’re currently not going to be able to seat in front of your computer or stay hunched over your phone screen and find the house that you want.

We still have a long way to go and like most cities, you would need the help of an agent and a lot of time going to look at the buildings. Even when you find the building, you’ll have to do a check to be sure that the agent is legit, the NEPA bill is not outstanding and also the existence of a good source of water. That is a lot of work and takes time.

Because of this difficulty, I did a little research to find out how the folks in Abuja and Lagos ease some of the stress and I came across a lot of really helpful sites and groups including these, Houses for Sale in Lagos and Houses for Sale in Abuja.

The search for a house led me to write this article on the cost of living in Kaduna and also do another thing which is the main reason for this post. I’ve created a Facebook group for persons selling, renting or searching for a house, land or office space to be able to do so. I did this not just because of the difficulty I’ve faced but also because of the inquiries I’ve gotten while handling the various social accounts for KnowKaduna. I can’t do it alone and don’t have all the information hence, the group.

Please join the Facebook group here and also share with your friends and agents. The group makes more sense if there are people in it. For now, it is just me. I’m hoping this eases the process of finding accommodation in Kaduna even if it is just a little bit.

If you’re curious as to why it is a Facebook group and not a website here’s the reason. A website will need you to manage it and control almost all aspects of it – which I am unable to at the moment – whereas the Facebook group already has a large number of people already on the platform daily. All they need to do is to discover the page and request to be added. Also, the majority of the agents I met and discussed with are more conversant with Facebook.

I’m really hoping this eases things for people.

I still continue the search for my house so, if you know any decent one-bedroom flat, do let me know.

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