About KnowKaduna

by Joy Ajuluchukwu

KnowKaduna is a blog telling stories of the amazing city that is Kaduna and covering happenings within the city.  It started as a little project to inform folks about a side of Kaduna that people do not usually see and here we are.


Have Your Say

I am not a Kaduna expert. I’m actually an internet nerd who enjoys sitting in front of her laptop all day. I’m sure a lot of you have information about Kaduna I’m yet to discover and I’d want to hear from you. By leaving comments, writing or sharing your knowledge, we can make Kaduna a more enjoyable city to live in.

Participate in the Forum

Sometimes, some information may not make it to our site and that’s why we have the group. If you have questions to ask, an item to sell or just a comment about the platform, the group would be a great place to do so. Without people, the group would not be fun. If you have a Facebook account, do join in here

Write for KnowKaduna

The content on this site is written mostly by me (Joy Ajuluchukwu). Of course, I can’t keep on top of everything Kaduna city has to offer. I’m always looking for people who know Kaduna to write for the site – whether you want to help review restaurants and cafes, write up a blurb about the area you live in, tell about a great cause you’re working for… or anything else you think will be helpful. 

Tell us about an Event

I’m still working on the events page but once I figure out how to make it work (or find someone else who can) you’ll be able to add events to the calendar. Stay tuned!

If you think you’d like to help out with the site in any way, please drop us a line. At the moment all I can offer you is our undying gratitude and a hug if you want one.  I can also link to your website or blog (if you have one) or help promote any events or businesses you have in the city.

We’re writing this site with Kaduna people in mind so if you know a thing or two about a thing or two, get in touch!

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