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Online Delivery Services in Kaduna

Hey, guys do you know that living in Kaduna keeps getting better. As technology advances, it makes life easy and more friendly, from saving time to the ease of mobility, better communication and lots more.
You can get on-demand delivery from your favourite restaurants, pharmacies, and supermarkets. These delivery services have affiliation with probably your favourite places and make it easy for you to just shop from there without actually being there physically isn’t that amazing.
#01 Mira Market
Mira market is an online delivery platform that shops for you and gets it delivered at your destination within 45mis, at the same price with less service charges. A delivery fee of 200 naira and 5% charge of whatever you are buying. You can visit Google play store to download Mira market app and get shopping, payment is either on delivery or via an online platform which is secure and swift. You will be surprised to see the list of stores, restaurants and small chops hangout they have affiliations with, your favourite restaurants just might be on their list.
#02 OyaNow
One of the fast-growing delivery services with affiliations with lots of Asain, Italian and Nigerian restaurants, also on their list are supermarkets and stores. If the store you want is not on their app not to worry, you can send them on an errand to pick up whatever you need from wherever you need. (wow this is simply amazing). Delivery duration is within 45mins with a service charge of 5% of your purchase and delivery charges are based on the distance covered. Payment method is either on delivery via an online platform wish is safe and secure. You can download the OyaNow app on Google play store.
#03 Kudyunusbislar
Kudyunusbislar Also another fast-growing store in Kaduna, with a delivery service. Available in their store is food, household items, babies stuff, electronics and beverages to mention a few. You can either pay on delivery or via an online payment method. You can also get same-day delivery for orders placed between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.
#04 Kadamall
Kadamall Kaduna first and largest shopping mall. You can enjoy cash on delivery and same-day delivery within Kaduna, 2-5 days delivery nationwide, 24/7 online support, 70% discount on products. You can also sell your services on their platform and reach millions of people in not just Kaduna, but Nigeria at large. With Kadamall you can become an affiliate partner, a store manager and a logistic partner. Kadamall has virtually anything you can think of, from household equipment, kitchen utensils, computer and accessories, skin care products, Phones Books, movies and lots more.
#05 Euphilfoods
Euphilfoods is a Kaduna foodstuff store, just the perfect place where you can sit at the comfort of your home and shop for virtually everything to cook with. Foodstuff like stockfish, crayfish, beans, rice, red/groundnut oil, snail, curry/thyme, Maggi etc. Items in their store are limitless. At euphil foods, you can enjoy healthy organic foods, 24/7 online support, 100% secure online payment and speedy delivery. Visit Euphilfoods I bet that when you do, you will immediately prepare your next meal. With these delivery services, it saves you the time, and it is also less stressful, you can be where you want and get what you want at the same time.

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