9 Ice Cream Spots in Kaduna

9 ice cream spots in kaduna

Hey guys, the weather in Kaduna has been really hot lately though the rain has made it really bearable lately. Well, if you’re feeling hot and looking for something to cool off, I’ve explored the city and compiled 9 ice cream spots. 1. Yum Yum This IS the original ice cream spot in Kaduna. If … Read more

Know Kaduna: 6 Facts about Kaduna State

kaduna bridge know kaduna

1. Highest Number of Tertiary Institutions Kaduna State has the highest number of tertiary institutions in Nigeria. It currently has 23 tertiary institutions including universities, polytechnics and research institutes. 2. Kaduna comes from the word “Kada”  Kaduna‘s name derives from the Hausa word “kada” for crocodile (“kaduna” being the plural form). 3. 45% of MSMEs … Read more

The 10 Best Suya Spots in Kaduna

best kaduna suya

Originally written by: Sanusi Ismaila for SantiExpress A story of Northern Nigerian cuisine is not complete if it doesn’t feature the four-letter word “suya.” Though originally said to encompass all sorts of edible meat products across Northern Nigeria, the name “Suya” these days mostly refers to spicy skewered meat, which is prevalent across the country (and in … Read more

5 Reasons to Attend the Kaduna Investment Summit – KADINVEST 4.0

Kaduna investment summit kadinvest

KADINVEST is the platform for demonstrating that Kaduna State is open for business. Kaduna state has demonstrated firm commitment to achieving sustainable economic growth by legislating to make it easier to do business, and aligning its budget to capital expenditure to build human capital and infrastructure. I guess you’ve signed up for the event already. … Read more

5 things to look forward to at Lafiya Lifestyle Expo

Lafiya Lifestyle Expo Kaduna

It’s time to get your mental, financial & physical health on track and the Lafiya Lifestyle Expo is here to help you! The Lafiya Lifestyle Expo Kaduna is a 1 day fair empowering women to live a healthy, well balanced and productive life. Get your tickets now at sheleadsafrica.org/lafiyalifestyle Here are 5 things you won’t … Read more

10 Twitter Handles you Should be Following if you Live in Kaduna

Twitter Kaduna KnowKaduna

Kaduna’s twitter space can be difficult to navigate but if you really want to find out about the going ons and want to be a part of the conversations, you should certainly follow these handles. Due to the fact that Kaduna is a politically heated state, conversations take that tone. @Nasir el-Rufai Whether you like … Read more