9 Ice Cream Spots in Kaduna

9 ice cream spots in kaduna

Hey guys, the weather in Kaduna has been really hot lately though the rain has made it really bearable lately. Well, if you’re feeling hot and looking for something to cool off, I’ve explored the city and compiled 9 ice cream spots. 1. Yum Yum This IS the original ice cream spot in Kaduna. If … Read more

The 10 Best Suya Spots in Kaduna

best kaduna suya

Originally written by: Sanusi Ismaila for SantiExpress A story of Northern Nigerian cuisine is not complete if it doesn’t feature the four-letter word “suya.” Though originally said to encompass all sorts of edible meat products across Northern Nigeria, the name “Suya” these days mostly refers to spicy skewered meat, which is prevalent across the country (and in … Read more

Spend Valentine with Amor Restaurant

Amor Restaurant valentine kaduna

The Amor experience “Foye!” She heard Miriam’s excited scream seeping in through the slightly open room door, growing louder as she approached Foye’s room; her footsteps thudding up the stairs. Foye groaned inwardly, pulled the sheets over her head and braced herself. She crashed into the room, Foye could find no other word to describe … Read more

Why we Started the Kaduna Business Network Dinner

kaduna business network dinner

The Kaduna Business Network Dinner (#Kdbiznetwork) dinners started with a simple idea: Let’s connect Kaduna’s budding and successful entrepreneurs. This December, on Sunday the 16th we host our 7th dinner. This business socialising and networking get-together has become part of a broader movement taking shape to restore cosmopolitanism in Kaduna.  The idea that we all … Read more

Habil’s Café is Probably Kaduna’s Best Café

PRIIt is not common place to find breakfast cafés and coffee shops around Kaduna city but Habil’s Café is one that truly stands out. Actually, it may be the only true café for now. Kaduna, like most Northern states, is a pretty calm town with people going about their businesses at a relaxed pace. There’s … Read more