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The Kaduna Digital Entrepreneurship Program (KAD-DIP) Starts April

As part of the Kaduna State Government’s plans to foster a booming digital economy, the State in partnership with the World Bank and the Rockefeller Foundation has developed a set of digital programs under the “Click-On Kaduna” umbrella. The programs are designed to provide youth (aged 18-40), women, and disadvantaged groups in Kaduna State with digital skills and entrepreneurship support to leverage economic opportunities available through entrepreneurship, self-employment, freelancing, as well as other employment.

The programs are:

  • The Click-On Kaduna E-lance Workshops;
  • The Click-On Kaduna Digital Entrepreneurship Incubation Program (KAD-DIP); and
  • The Click-On Kaduna Digital Skills Development Program.

Kaduna Digital Entrepreneurship Incubation Program (KAD-DIP), which is the second program, aims to catalyze digital entrepreneurship and create opportunities in Kaduna State by equipping entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge required to start and grow innovative digital enterprises. The program provides training, mentorship, and access to funding opportunities to innovative idea and early-stage entrepreneurs.

Participants in the program will be guided and nurtured through a series of activities designed to help idea and earIy-stage entrepreneurs find their footing and grow.

What The Program Offers:

  • Coaching and Mentorship: Hands-on support from business advisors and experienced entrepreneurs.
  • Training with immersive learning, tools, resources, networking opportunities and and access to renown entrepreneurship experts.
  •  Daycare Child care facility for parents.
  •  Peer Learning Accountability sessions among participants
  •  Bootcamps Opportunity to develop communications, negotiations and other essential soft skills
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How you can Participate

  • General Track
  • Women-only Track
  • Men-only track

Why you should be a part of it

If you’ve been nurturing ideas or have started implementing them, you should go ahead and give it a shot. It is a chance to acquire skills, have your ideas come to life or grow an already existing digital enterprise all with the assistance of experts at no cost to you.

The Kaduna-based tech startup, Payant is one of such digital enterprises which has emerged from the state and is doing quite well. Who knows, yours could be better.


The program comes at no costs to you . It is entirely funded by the partners.

How to apply:

Application start date: 1st April 2019
Application closing date: 12th May 2019

You can apply here

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