Bez Valentine Ethiopia

Spend Valentine with Bez and win a Trip to Ethiopia

by Joy Ajuluchukwu

Hello Kaduna!

I don’t know about you but I’m excited about Valentine already. On 14th February, you’ll have a chance to listen to Bez live, and also watch the stage performance of the very hilarious play “Shift Lemme Faint!” which will have actors like Beverly Naya [Wedding Party], Akah Nnani [Banana Island Ghost],Najite Dede [Ojos in the House], Omoye Uzamere [Aduke Hotel] and Daniel Effiong [Gidi Up].

Shift Lemme Faint, is a set of witty monologues depicting life in Nigeria and adapted into a stage production. The play explores subjects like religion, the police, parenting, food, our culture & lifestyle and will also go down memory lane. All these will be explored while infused with music & dance

That’s not all. For those who have luck on their side, there’s a chance to win an all expense paid trip to Ethiopia and also 2 free Air France tickets to Paris. For Paris, all you get is your flight ticket.

The tickets to the event are certainly not free and start at N30,000 per couple. If you’re single, you’ll have to find someone to join you because there are no solo tickets for this event. If you have a loved one or someone special, I think this will be a worthwhile experience.

Click on any of the tickets to find out more or make a purchase. You can visit revelinks for more details.

Date: 14th February, 2018

Venue: Proview Events Centre, Gongola Road, Barnawa, Kaduna (Find on Google Maps here)

Bez Valentine Ethiopia

Bez Valentine Ethiopia


Bez Valentine Ethiopia

Sits 4

Bez Valentine Ethiopia

Bez Ethiopia Live

Sits 6 persons and some benefits









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