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How to Register your Business Premise in Kaduna

by KnowKaduna

If you run a business in any location in Kaduna state, here is how to go about registering the business premise. The premise may be your home, office space or whatever location where the business operations are carried out.

Here are the steps to registering the business premise

  1. Go to mbit.kdsg.gov.ng
  2. Click on business premises registration
  3. Select ” get started”
  4. Click on “new registration” if this is your first time or “renew registration” if you have not done it 
  5. Enter your details to create new account or login to your old account if already created
  6. Check your email to verify your account by clicking the verification link sent to you and then login with your registered email and password
  7. Click on new registration and fill the required details on the form
  8. Click on preview form to go through your details and crosscheck for errors
  9. Click “edit company” if you need to make changes, then ” register company” to proceed with the registration
  10. Choose ” business premises registration” from the drop down and click on ” initiate payment”
  11. Pay online with any of the available channels and your certificate will be processed and emailed under 24 hours

If you’re new to Kaduna and looking to get a business premise, you can explore co-working spaces depending on your industry of focus.

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