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The People of Kaduna – Intro

by Joy Ajuluchukwu

Hello guys, if you’ve taken a look at the menu on our site, you probably have noticed that there’s a “People” section. It’s been blank for sometime but that’s about to change.

The people section is dedicated to people of kaduna that are doing amazing things in this city. It’s easy for us and those not living in Kaduna to think that nothing happens here but I have met A LOT of amazing, creative and talented people, doing wonderful, interesting and somewhat strange things.

I would like to talk with them and share our conversations here. These people could be artist, business persons, coaches, drivers, photographers, poets, historians, former HONEST politicians and regular people who are doing great things in their community. 

If you think there’s any person who should be featured in this section, do CONTACT us.

We’re waiting 🙂

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