3 Cool Places To Take Amazing Pictures

by Sherifat Yunusa

Hello there, have you been looking for places with amazing aesthetics to take pictures in Kaduna?
Well, we’ve got you covered.
We will be giving you a list of 3 places you should definitely visit to take pictures:

• Gaze production

Well, beside it. Gaze production is located adjacent Total filling Station in Barnawa.
On the outside, there is graffiti art of CrocCity written big and proud. So if you are proud of CrocCity, taking a picture there is one way of showing it.


• 03 café
03 café is located at no 3 kantiyok street Gwari avenue Barnawa Kaduna.
This is another great spot to take amazing pictures especially if you want to look like angel.


• The abandoned train station
What could be more cinematic than an abandoned train station?. This train station is located behind station market. With abandoned tracks and some crates, you can have an amazing image.


PS: Let us know any other cool places for pictures😁

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