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What else will you do Apart from Jokes

The atmosphere has really been tensed since the whole coronavirus started in Nigeria, March 2020, and people were beginning to test positive to the virus. This affected a lot of aspects of the economy as there was a total shutdown of activities in Kaduna State. Spots and hangouts were not excluded either as a result of the State being on lockdown. After the lockdown, some of the hangouts have to be shut down, some relocated, while others parked up due to low or no patronage as a result of a hike in a lot of products. Even in the phase of all these challenges and changes, a lot of people still look for a spot to relax and let go of the worries of life.
If you are in Kaduna, there is really a good spot to relax and laugh out not some but all of your worries with a nice bottle of wine, a good meal to tag along with.
Apart from Jokes
“APART FROM JOKES” is the first and only comedy club in Kaduna, located at No 5 Cameroun Road down Barnawa police station, Barnawa Kaduna, 7 pm every Thursday, theme Prinz Talker and Friends, supported by Mr Parrot and MOB. Periodically, they invite guests within and outside Kaduna State. Guess from outside Kaduna Include but not limited to Julius Agwu, Nudu Wazobia, Husband Materia, MC Smart amongst several others. And comedians from within the state include Bishop talk, Anointed Talker, MC Solex etc, they also have an in house DJ who goes by the name Electric DJ Quantize, and Black J as the Hypeman. Guess what guys the show is completely FREE. Also available are branded t.shirts and caps, some they give free to loyal customers, and others buy shirts for 3k while the cap is 1500. Apart from jokes showcases the greatest talents in the entertainment industry beginning from the North to other parts of the Country. The comedy club is powered by GAZE PRODUCTION. Meet the Brain behind Gaze Production
Adeyemi Adekunle
CEO Gaze Production: Is a graduate of Information and Communication Technology at the prestigious Covenant University.
He started business at school through an inspiration he got from a course he did for five years “Entrepreneurial Development Studies…” He started with the publishing of Magazine in 2007 and later established the photography video and Event management services.
Mr Adeyemi comes from a business-oriented family with an inborn flair for business as virtually everyone in the family is into one kind of business or the other. Public Relations, Brand Positioning and other Entertainment practices/ services is another common feature with the family.
In recent times his love for the comedy industry evolved into the first comedy club in Kaduna known as “Apart From jokes…” Investing in human capacity building is also one of his core areas of interest where he mentors a lot of youths and supports many events.
Adeyemi Adekunle has also trained many emerging entrepreneurs who are doing great things in their various endeavours in life now. He is happily married and is blessed with 3 kids

The Company
With her corporate headquarters situated at No. 1 Algeria Crescent, Opposite Total Filling Station, Barnawa Complex Kaduna; Gaze Production outfit coordinates her structures through three distinct sections namely;
Gaze Production Studio
This section houses the Photo and video studios where professional photography and videography services are rendered for all purposes to the desire of our esteemed clients. They also undertake training in different skills like photography training, video editing, cosmetology as majors and they also explore periodic opportunities to train other aspects of skill acquisition. This arm also has a “Style” Magazine that promotes the Fashion, Entertainment, Beauty, Decoration, Entrepreneurship and Celebrity Culture of our society.
TFA Event Center
This is a multipurpose event center located on the same premises as the studio for all kinds of events. It also takes care of the supply of all kinds of event equipment like Sounds, Lights, Screen, Stage etc. The TFA event center also organize and manage a music and comedy show “APART FROM JOKES” This annual event showcases the greatest talents in the entertainment industry beginning from the North to other parts of the country

This is the Hospitality Management and consultancy arm of the outfit. Located at No. 5 Cameroun Road, Barnawa GRA, Kaduna. It houses accommodation, restaurant and Lounge, and also consults for Hotels professionally. Room rates are: Bronze 6,000 Onyx 7,000 Pearl 7,000 Topaz 8,000 Sapphire 8,000 Gold 8,000 Ruby 9,000 Emerald 9,000 Diamond 10,000 Also available are bar and kitchen services.
GAZE Production is manned by well-trained professionals in the different disciplines of her objectives. The quality of their Jobs and services is equal to none in their field of endeavour and can compete favourably with standards anywhere in the world.
They have carved a niche for themselves as the most efficient, creative and qualitative production company.
When asked the idea behind the name of the comedy club, Mr Adekunle said: “what else will you do apart from jokes” (laughs…..) it is just a perfect fit for every situation of life. Good, Bad, Ugly, just laugh it out.
Apart from jokes is a good spot to discuss business over a bottle of wine while listening to jokes, a good spot for a romantic date and a perfect relaxation spot after a hard day’s job.
Located at No 5 Cameroun Road down Barnawa police station, Barnawa Kaduna,
Time: 7 pm
Day: Every Thursday
Theme Prinz Talker and Friends,
supported by Mr Parrot and MOB

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