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Natural Hair Salon

Looking for a good salon to make your hair in can really be stressful, especially because I assume that if you’re like me, you want to get value for your money. I have tried many different salons over the last seven months with no luck. It’s either they don’t wash my hair properly, their hand dryer is too hot and can’t be reduced, or they don’t style my hair properly. Sadly, I tend to leave dissatisfied, and I know this is often the case for most ladies.
A lot of us are gravitating towards wearing our natural hair. However, maintaining natural hair has proven more difficult than relaxed hair, especially when it comes to buying hair products and relearning how to take care of our hair. Those with seemingly stubborn hair have seen it as a no go area for them because of the nature of their hair, and can only admire from afar ladies wearing their natural hair, but Tomi Ismaila has proven otherwise. Ms Ismaila, the owner of Sisi Jacobs Natural Hair Salon, located at Shops 3&4, Testimony Plaza, 11 Congo Street Barnawa, Kaduna (beside Epitome Hotel) specialises in natural hair. Mrs Ismaila opened her salon in August 2016, and has been open for four years now.
Why the Name Sisi Jacobs
The word Sisi speaks to being stylish, and Jacob was the son of promise; so the name speaks to unleashing the potential within each of us, and staying stylish while doing it.
She specializes in natural hair because she feels it’s an underserved area, where people pay less attention to. She decided to explore natural hair to equip people with the tools to enjoy their natural hair. She added that as people, we are diverse and this manifests in our hair also. She sells Nigerian hair products because they are designed for our specific hair in mind. Some of the brands in stock are Natural Nigerian, Kui, and African Naturalistas among several others. They have a loyal customer base who trust them with their hair and nails. They also offer discounted services for children, as well as to their regular customers on their birthdays. To the ladies who don’t joke with their nails, Sisi Jacobs recently opened a nail section, and now offer luxury manicures and pedicures. Currently, the saloon has six stylists and two nail technicians. Great news, they also serve ladies with relaxed hair. Follow them on IG: @Sisi.Jacobs, Email:, Phone: 09051134765
I think it’s time I crawl back into the shell of dreaming of wearing natural hair. After visiting Sisi Jacobs Natural Hair Salon, and seeing the professionalism and expertise they exhibit, it looks like my hair has finally found a home.
Book a date with Sisi Jacobs, they’re open Mondays to Fridays: 9am to 5pm, Saturdays: 9am to 6pm, Sundays: 2pm to 6pm. Due to the COVID-19 guidelines, they currently operate on an appointment-only system and ask that customers come alone wearing a facemask for the duration of their service.

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