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Getting One Tree Planted in Kaduna

Hello there,

If you are reading this, I do hope you’re able to join me in getting at least one tree planted in Kaduna. I’m currently looking to take my love for plants beyond my living room and plant 2000 trees in Kaduna and I most certainly cannot do this alone.


The proposed duration for the planting is 7 days from 27th July – 2nd August.

The two locations proposed for the tree planting include:

Muhammadu Buhari Way (WAFF Road )

WAFF Road has undergone a dualisation in the past 12 months which saw trees over 40 years old come down. This was quite controversial and had people share their displeasure on Twitter.

The plan – At WAFF Road, the plan is to have Royal Palms on each side and masquerade trees in the median. A total of 1400 trees of the two variations will be planted. I would have loved some other specie but the choice of Masquerades for the median is due to its narrow nature and this is in line with the permits of the Ministry of Environment. Also, masquerade tree will not cause any damage to the infrastructure as its stem is narrow. The entire stretch is 2486.51 metre.

Patrick Yakowa Way

Patrick Yakowa way is a very long stretch of road and the intention is to get the process started and go as far as possible.

The plan for this stretch is to have 600 large trees planted off the edges of the sidewalks. This will provide shade but mostly be functional than aesthetic. Gmelina trees which grow very large have been chosen to serve a functional purpose by creating shade and purifying the air. Currently, full grown gmelina can be easily spotted around Lord Lugard Hall. It is one of the many massive trees which provide shade at Coronation Crescent where the State House of Assembly is situated.

Why Plant Trees

  • Personally, I am interested in greener and healthier environments that allow people live a better quality life. Trees make the air better and reduce our negative impact on the environment.
  • Promote the awareness of tree planting and develop a consciousness of the role of trees in our environment.
  • Replace the trees that have been felled due to construction work.
  • Make the city more beautiful and liveable.


If you are interested in being a volunteer for the GreenerKaduna exercise, please fill this form and ensure you select “volunteer” field.

Being Accountable

After the completion of the project, I will update this blog with a report of all that was done from the start to completion. I will also share the details of how the money raised was spent. If you prefer to have the report sent to your email address, please fill this short form (the same as the form above).

Got More Questions?

Do you have questions or suggestions on how this can be improved upon? Do send me an email to joyajulz @ gmail .com. If you would like to partner to expand the areas to be covered in this project please also send an email.


Please make your donation for one tree to Polaris Bank – 1130138279 (Joy Ajuluchukwu) or use this link and share this message to anyone you think will be interested in a greener Kaduna. 🙂

Thank you and looking to have a much #GreenerKaduna many years from now.

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