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5 Co-Working Spaces in Kaduna

Co-working spaces and the co-working culture is picking up in Kaduna and for someone who has followed its growth in Kaduna closely, I’m quite chuffed about this. If you’re not familiar, a co-working space is essentially a shared workspace. Co-working spaces offer affordable office space for those looking to get steady power supply, internet access and also access to a decent network of people.

If you freelance or are just starting out your business, working out of a co-working space will save you a lot on operational costs which may be too much for a new business. Co-working spaces provide you with an address, remove maintenance and management worry, provide you with internet access and also a community of often like-minded people.

Here are the co-working spaces in Kaduna at the moment, 2 of which opened up in the past month. Some are more of hubs than co-working spaces but it is good to note that there is some growth. Here we go:

1. CoLab

The first co-working space and innovation hub in Kaduna which opened up in 2016. This is one of the hubs in the state that has been involved with a number of startups, IT programmes and partnerships which have happened in the Kaduna. CoLab runs a number of programs while also providing a shared space.

Address — 4 Barnawa Close, opposite Giltooe Aris Hospital (Google Maps Direction )

Website —

2. Alpha Hub

Alpha Hub is located in Barnawa and is the only hardware-centric hub. It is focused on fabrication as against software which KADICT Hub and CoLab favours. The hub also has a co-working space which is open to the public.

Address — 31A Botswana Road, Barnawa (Google Maps Direction)

3. Kaduna ICT Hub

This hub was built by Zenith Bank as a public-private partnership project with Kaduna State government. The Kaduna ICT Hub is more of a hub than a co-working space however, there can be workarounds once you have a conversation with the team on your needs. 

Address — 47 Kanta Road by Independence Way (Google Maps Directions)

Website —

4. Lexington Hub

Lexington Hub is a new hub which was recently opened up by Lexington technologies, an IT firm in Kaduna State. I think they’ve seen the demand for such a platform and how having such a space can also attract tech talent.

Address — 3 Dr Yahaya Hamza Street, off Tafawa Way, Ungwan Rimi (Google Maps Direction)

Website —

5. Jaraspace

This is the latest addition to the co-working space. Jaraspace seems to be the only co-working space that does not also double as a hub at the moment. It is focused solely on providing a conducive work environment.

Address — 20 Ali Akilu Road (Zadina Plaza) — Google Maps Direction

Website —

I’ve also heard that Natview Technologies may be interested in also setting up their hub in the city. Let’s see how that comes along. 

Workspace at Jaraspace

Covid19 has forced some changes in the way we interact and there’s no doubt that this may affect the adoptions of co-working spaces. Nonetheless, if you’re looking at starting out do check them out.

If you think we missed any co-working space in Kaduna, leave a comment or shoot us an email at and we will have this updated.

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  1. Katherine

    Wow there is such a thing in kaduna?

    1. Joy Ajuluchukwu

      Yes, there is. Kaduna has a habit of having things hidden and we want to find them 🙂

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