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9 Ice Cream Spots in Kaduna

Hey guys, the weather in Kaduna has been really hot lately though the rain has made it really bearable lately. Well, if you’re feeling hot and looking for something to cool off, I’ve explored the city and compiled 9 ice cream spots.

1. Yum Yum

This IS the original ice cream spot in Kaduna. If you’ve lived in Kaduna long enough, this was probably your first introduction to Kaduna. Yum Yum ice cream has been in operations for over 10 years now. You don’t stay in business that long if your ice cream is bad. If you’re looking out for a lot of flavours, you should check out Yum Yum. The ice cream tastes really good.

Address – Alkali Road beside GT Bank just across the wine shop

Google maps location here

2. Havilah Ice Cream (Ungwan Rimi)

Havilah Ice cream is a pretty popular ice cream spot in Northern Nigeria and it opened its first branch at Alkali Road. The setting is really nice and on holidays or weekends, the spot is packed.

Address – Alkali Road, opposite Food Palace Restaurant

Google maps location here

3. House of Cakes

House of Cakes is actually a cake shop however, they do make ice cream. You can get your cake and ice cream to go with it.

Address – 6 Alkali Road just opposite the Guaranty Trust Bank

Google Maps location here

4. Smart Kids Ice Cream

I think this ice cream spot has one of the nicest set up at the moment. They don’t just make ice cream but also pizza, fries, wings and the usual snacks. The location is quite good and the ice cream is even better. My only reservation is I’m forced to watch Zee World whenever I go there.

Address – Sultan Road

Google maps location here

5. Ice Cream Paradise

This is a pastry shop and ice cream shop located in Ungwan Sarki. In addition to ice cream, you can get cup

Address – Rabah Road just opposite NAF club

Google Maps location here

6. Havilah Ice Cream (Barnawa)

This ice cream spot was opened in April and was the first sit-in ice cream spot in Barnawa. Like its counterpart on Alkali Road, the ice cream is good and gets a lot of people coming by.

Address – Mayere Road opposite Wonder Kids Academy

Google maps location here

7. Ice Cream Palace

This is also another ice cream spot I discovered while I was serving in Kaduna last year. It is located close to the NYSC secretariat. The ice cream is pretty good but the location can be a bit challenging to find.

Address – 24 Kinshasa Rd, Ungwan Rimi, Kaduna

Google Maps location here

8. G and S

I’m yet to check this out as it was still being built when I drove by. However, I’m told it is now complete and will be checking it out soon. The location was a bit interesting but should not be challenging to find at all.

Address – Ungwan Rimi Market just across Gadzama and Sons Supermarket.

I wonder if G and S means Gadzama and Sons ice cream. Hmmm.

9. Cafe Xii / Cafe Thirteen

Cafe 13 Ice Cream is currently the only ice cream stop on this list with no sitting area. The ice cream is sold in a bowl and not in scoops or in a cone. The small size starts at N350 as at the last time I was there.

Address – Barnawa, just across 212 bakery

Google maps location here



If you’re not in the mood for ice cream and want to try out popsicles, then you should try out the popsicles sold by Queen of Popsicles. There’s no physical store but you can place your orders here.

If you want to have suya and ice cream, don’t forget to check out this post on the best suya spots in Kaduna.

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    1. Joy Ajuluchukwu

      Thank you Aaron.
      If you have anything you want to read, do let me know 🙂

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    Hi though this is not relevant to the post but can you tell me the safe place to live here as I’m currently serving and I need an apartment?

    1. Joy Ajuluchukwu

      Hi Vivian,
      Anywhere in the Kaduna Metropolis is actually safe. Areas like Barnawa, Malali, Sabo, Kamazo (Yakowa Road) and all areas in the metropolis are actually safe.

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