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Know Kaduna: 6 Facts about Kaduna State

1. Highest Number of Tertiary Institutions

Kaduna State has the highest number of tertiary institutions in Nigeria. It currently has 23 tertiary institutions including universities, polytechnics and research institutes.

2. Kaduna comes from the word “Kada”

 Kaduna‘s name derives from the Hausa word “kada” for crocodile (“kaduna” being the plural form).

3. 45% of MSMEs are Managed by Women

According to the Kaduna Investment and Promotions Agency, 45% of all medium and small scale enterprises in the state are managed by women (go girl power!!). These MSMEs make up 80% of all businesses in the state.

4. First Administrative Headquarters of Northern Nigeria

Kaduna State is historically known as the first and last administrative headquarters of Northern Nigeria with it being centrally located, providing access to the nineteen Northern States.

5. Kaduna is a Cosmopolitan State

Kaduna State is one of the few cosmopolitan states in Nigerian serving as home to a decent amount of all people from across the entire country. This diversity makes the city have a rich cultural blend and easy for first time visitors and corps members to integrate.

6. Over 50 Ethnic Groups

Kaduna state is very diverse with 59 ethnic groups. Some put the number of ethnic groups at more than that. These ethnic groups include: Adara, Ham, Hausa, Gbagyi, Atyap, Bajju, Oegworok, Nandu, Kiwolo amongst many others.

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