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7 Major facilities Still Absent in Kaduna

Updated on 25th May, 2019

We initially published 5 missing facilities but after the comments and feedback on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, we decided to update the list a little. It moved from 5 to actually 10.

Kaduna is a major city in Northern Nigeria and also very cosmopolitan. As one that used to be home to a lot of industries and persons around the world, it is still surprising that some facilities are still absent in 2019.

If you have free money laying around, you can invest in any of these spaces. There’ll certainly be returns on investment.

We initially published 5 missing facilities but after all the comments and feedback on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, we decided to update the list a little.

1. A Shopping Mall

A lot of plazas keep popping up around the state but there is still yet to exist an actual shopping mall where one can do all shopping or just while away time. We hear that the Galaxy Mall is being built at the present Galaxy Park but I’m not sure what became of the project. 

I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for any updates.

1a. Shoprite

So, this was added with the update. Almost everyone in the comments section did let me know that Shoprite was certainly missing. It was not included initially as the thought is, Shoprite would automatically come to Kaduna if there’s a suitable enough mall. If Spar or Sahad Stores do come in, it would definitely suffice.

1b. ColdStone

There’s no Coldstone in Kaduna and to be frank, I’ve not really missed it as I’ve discovered 7 ice cream spots across the city. However, I’m adding this to the list because this was also all over the comments section. I also trust that if a mall does get built, this will also open up within the premises.

2. An Actual Cinema

It is difficult to have a cinema when there is no mall but not impossible. If you want to watch a blockbuster movie in Kaduna, you have two options, go to Abuja or stream it as soon as it is available online. 

Again, if you have some money laying around or know anyone who does, there’s a huge market here.

3. A park/Green Space

Some of you reading this will say “What about Gamji Gate?”. Sorry guys, but Gamji Gate (Kofar Gamji) does not qualify as a park in today’s time. Having this in mind, there is no actual park for walks or just time alone to enjoy nature in Kaduna. 

3a. Beach

For some reason, folks kept leaving “beach” in the comments. Kaduna can’t really have a beach because it is a landlocked state however, the banks of the river can be turned in to a lovely hangout or green space with boating activities. If you have the funds and engineering prowess, take a shot at it.

4. 5-star hotel

The hotel business in Kaduna is booming but one thing that remains missing is really high standards. Asides two or 3 decent 3-star hotels, recommending one to friends or family visiting the state can be a tough challenge.

If you know the folks managing Hamdala Hotel or those who own Durbar Hotels at the moment, please advice them to put it up for sale so actual business persons can buy. There’s a demand.

5. Organised taxi system or Ride-Sharing

If you’re visiting Kaduna for the first time, it can be quite frustrating getting around. There’s no actual taxi system in the state so you have to rely on buses, keke napep (keke maruwa) or bikes. To be fair, the keke napeps are a decent means of transportation except when it starts raining. There’s also no fully functional ride-sharing app in the state at the moment

There’s a train station at Rigasa however, it serves for inter-state trips and not intra-state.

6. Arcade

I’m not sure how I missed this initially but there is no games arcade in Kaduna at the moment. There are a few spots which attempt to provide such experience but it is still on a very small scale.

7. Amusement Park

If you were in Kaduna in the 90s and early 2000s, you’d certainly know Galaxy Amusement park. It holds memories for me. Well, like a lot of things in Nigeria, it was poorly maintained and no longer functions. There’s no large amusement park in Kaduna at the moment but like some of the facilities above there are individuals creating such a space.

P.S – If you’ve got some money or know anyone that has some money and want to invest in any of these, the starting point is the Kaduna Investment and Promotions Agency (KADIPA). They are responsible for easing the process of investment in Kaduna and will help you through all the processes and paperwork from start till set up. Get in touch. 

Personal Plea – “Plis dear I want a park”.

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  1. Shehu Ibrahim

    So very sad indeed. But I MUST say, the KADIPA thing is not well positioned. After the four years of this Administration, these are my critical remedies that can be considered for Kaduna to come out and claim the Glory.
    1. Collation of true demography of genuine populace that live and rely within the ambit of social-economy and the CHANGE benefit capacity the city can give.
    2. Experienced participants and promoters that know where the city began from and where it should be.
    3. The homogenize solution provider that can all identify the differences in ethnicity, religion dichotomy and devoted citizens by birth or otherwise of Kaduna. That knows North to South, nook and crannies of the state politics and balances.
    4. Justice and fair play should be considered towards people that wants to partake in the projects no sacred class.
    God help Kaduna

    1. Joy Ajuluchukwu

      Thank you for this Shehu.
      What do you think we can do individually though to change things?

  2. Mikel

    Seems Kano is better than the former has most of these facilities

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