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5 Reasons to Apply for KADDIP

If you keep yourself updated, you most certainly should have heard about the Kaduna Digital Entrepreneurship Incubation Program (KADDIP). The applications close in a week’s time and if you’re still unsure about being a part of the program I’ve got some reasons for you.

Here are 5 reasons I think you should definitely sign up to be a part of the program:

1. Mentorship

There are a lot of things that can be learnt by reading a book, articles online or watching a couple of “how-to” clips but mentorship is certainly not one of them. The program provides you with people like you who have faced similar challenges to guide and advice you in your journey. They will be relevant to your industry.

I think this is enough reason to apply.

2. Rich Training Sessions

The training sessions which will happen during the entire 6-month period will be handled by persons who are experts and have a vast experience across various fields. There will be a whole lot learned within such a short time. The classes happen only during the weekends

3. Access to Funding Opportunities

KADDIP will provide you with access to a lot of funding opportunities. Just to be a clear, KADDIP will not provide any funding however, they will facilitate programs which allows you to share or pitch your businesses to potential funders.

4. Free

Programs of this virtue do come with huge costs however, KADDIP is entirely free. The only costs for you is the cost of transportation to and from the venue during the day of the classes. If you’re looking to learn and have financial constraints, I think you should take advantage of the program.

5. Certification

Did your program really happen if you do not get a certificate? If you would need some validation for being a part of the program, there’s no need to fret. KADDIP will provide participants who complete the program with a certificate. They also understand the Nigerian focus on certificates.


Daycare Facilities

For the women (and men), if you do have a kid which you think can make it challenging to focus on your classes, there is provision for a day-care facility throughout the duration of the program.

Know anyone who would be interested in being a part of the Kaduna Digital Entrepreneurship Incubation Program? Do let them know to apply here quickly as applications close in a week’s time.

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