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What Kaduna People Think about Rigasa

There are a lot of thoughts about certain areas and neighbourhoods in Kaduna and we were curious to find out about them so we asked on Twitter and here’s what we got.

1. Home of the Train Station

This definitely had to come in top of the list. It is impossible to talk about Rigasa in recent times without mentioning the train station. Anyone who has travelled to Abuja via rail knows Rigasa for this. You can read up my experience on the Abuja – Kaduna train.

2. Muslim-Dominated Area

Rigasa is also known for its largely Muslim population. I’m not certain of the statistic but it is said to be 99% Muslim-dominated. That’s a task for the Kaduna Bureau of Statistic.

3. Good Place with Beautiful Roads

The road from Bypass all the way to the train station is not what it looked like a year ago. It has certainly changed and I think this is where this view comes from.

4. Biggest Political Ward in Nigeria

For those very knowledgeable about the Nigerian political scene, you’ll have to confirm if the neighbourhood is in fact, the largest political ward in Nigeria.

5. Some Call Rigasa Spain

Rigasa certainly looks nothing like Spain however, the neighbourhood has a strong football. La Liga seems to be strongly followed hence the name Spain.

6. Sharia Riot of 2000

For some, Rigasa holds a bad memory as it recorded a lot of deaths during the Sharia riots of 2000 – 2001 which has scarred Kaduna State.

What other things do you know about Rigasa that’s missing? What would you like added to the post? You can leave a comment here or connect on social media.

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