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Kajuru Castle – All you Need to Know

Kajuru Castle has to be up there on the most inquired spots in Kaduna. There’s no week that goes by that I don’t get a message asking for details about Kajuru Castle. So here’s all you need to know to plan a trip or just keep informed.

About the Castle

Kajuru Castle is a medieval-styled castle located in Kajuru local government area, Kaduna State. The castle was built in 1989 by a German who lived in Kaduna at the time. For the fact that it was a private residence, there are not a lot of rooms. Though the castle can comfortably host about 150 persons for an event, it only accommodates 10 persons per night in its 5 rooms.

How to Get There

Depending on your take-off point in Kaduna, Kajuru Castle could be really far or close however, the Castle is on average one hour away from the main city. Due to the fact that the Castle is not in the city, you will not find vehicles that ply the route regularly.

There are two ways to find your way to Kajuru Castle.

  • If you’re with a group of friends and are feeling adventurous, you could use Google Maps which is pretty accurate. The directions to the castle are very clear and will get you there without a problem.
  • If you do not trust technology all too well, the second way is to find a cab service or hire a bus to take you all the way to the castle and back.
The pool at Kajuru


Here are the facilities you will find at the castle:

  • 5 Bedrooms
  • A swimming pool
  • Finnish sauna
  • Three modern kitchens
  • Barbecue spot
  • Billiards
  • A gym in the basement
  • Spectators point on every tower and the wall
  • Pavilions for dinner

Opening Hours

Kajuru Castle is open all day every day of the year.

Kajuru Castle at night

Popular Events

Kajuru Castle is most fun if visited with a group of friends or strangers hoping to bond. Due to this, the popular events hosted there are:

  • Hiking/Exploratory trips
  • Pool parties
  • Intimate wedding ceremonies
  • Honeymoon getaway


This part that may not excite you so much because your payments for Kajuru Castle does not cover feeding. You’re expected to come with your food and ingredients however, a well furnished kitchen is available in the castle.


You can only tour Kajuru Castle or rent the entire castle. There is no middle ground. Once the castle is rented, for a period, tours to the castle for that period are not possible. This is to avoid disturbing guests who are staying over.

Tour fee: N20,000 per hour for a tour of up to 15 persons

Whole Castle: It costs between N300,000 – N560,000 to rent the castle per day depending on the activity. This is where the big bucks are needed.

Aerial view of Kajuru Castle

Things to Carry Along

  • Scarf, shawl or face mask – Needed on your way to the castle because it can get quite dusty
  • Sneakers – Comfortable footwear to climb the hills and explore the terrain. You really don’t want to get caught with sandals.
  • Camera – C’mon! Everyone on Instagram has to know now.
  • Sweater – Depending on when you visit, it can get quite cold in the morning and evenings
  • Swim Wear – Except you’re a fan of skinny dipping, go along with something for the pool
  • A positive mindset and curious mind – This makes the trip fun.


There’s not a lot of activities to do within the castle so do go along with various games you can enjoy with your group. It will also be wise to plan out activities for your stay at the castle. Also, don’t over plan but leave room for spontaneity.

If you’re coming in from Abuja, do try out the train. Here is the  weekly train schedule.

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