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How to Renew your Vehicle Papers in Kaduna

If you own a car, then renewing your vehicle paper is part of the many acts you do for it. I’m also pretty certain that you are familiar with the Kaduna State Traffic and Environmental Law Enforcement Agency (KASTLEA) and don’t want to get in trouble with them so it is important that all your vehicle papers are in check.

I recently went to renew my car papers at the Kaduna IRS Office and the process was so simple that I thought to share. I always assumed that it would be a cumbersome process with people waiting for bribes but the process was pretty easy and took less than 40 minutes in total.

The Papers

The vehicle papers include the vehicle licence, the road- worthiness certificate and the third party insurance policy.

The Costs

The cost for the vehicle licence renewal is dependent on the kind of car and the engine capacity of the vehicle.

The third party insurance is fixed at N5000 and the road worthiness certificate for my car was N1500. I don’t know if that is fixed though.

The Process

  • At the entry point, you will find a help desk.
  • Let the person on seat know what you would like done and he/she will direct you to the appropriate counter.
  • At the counter, a bank teller will be given to you with the amount to be paid written. The teller only states payment for the vehicle licence and road-worthiness certificate. Sadly, this cannot be done with a POS machine.
  • Next step is for you to go to the bank and make a deposit. WEMA Bank is currently the partner bank for this payment and fortunately, the bank occupies the ground floor of the next building.
  • Once you make the payment, come back to the KADIRS office and submit your papers.
  • The payment for the insurance policy is done at the counter of the KADIRS office. You are to pay cash.
  • Once you’ve made the payments, you will be asked to come back the following day to pick up your documents.
  • In the meantime, you will be given a stamped photocopy of your payment which prevents you from being detained by law enforcement agencies for expired papers.

That’s it. Pretty simple and fast.

It was my first time doing the paper renewals so I had come with the mindset of slow government processes. I was glad it was different. No one asked me for “something for the boys” and all the staff were happy to assist and answer all the questions I had.


The location for vehicle renewal is actually at the KADIRS office which is at Bida Road just opposite the High Court. You can find your way with Google Maps here.


Try avoid going to the office around the prayer times as there may be fewer staff on seat.

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