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Figma Africa: Design for education in Kaduna

While we do have some interesting spots popping up all over Kaduna and other interesting businesses, we would also like to remind you that Kaduna is the centre of learning. As such, it is not uncommon to find weekend educational meetups as well as insightful masterclasses. One of the places in Kaduna that has impactful weekend meetups is CoLab — a coworking space in Barnawa.

figma africa design education

On the 15th of December 2018, CoLab and Figma Africa came together to organize a design sprint. What is a design sprint? It is a shortcut to learn without building and launching of the product. It is usually used in (but not limited to ) software products.

figma africa design education

In design sprints, people come to solve problems through a bunch of scientifically proven methods but do not have to worry about it being anything complex or Ph.d-ish.

The meetup had a mix of hardware engineers, data scientists, software developers and User Interface designers. In my opinion, this was amazing, due to the fact that getting different perspectives when brainstorming works better to your advantage in refining ideas and building great products for businesses.

The attendees got split into two groups and worked on a given problem. They were to design a software product that provides learning materials for those in schools, these materials and curriculum should mirror the types of jobs in the real world and help in preparing the student with useful skills for the desired industry he/she would want to be in.

The teams worked hard on coming up with a solution and had a presentation to defend their proposed product.
The speakers at the event, where Atti Samuelson, a CoLab alumni & Hafeez Babatunde a Figma design advocate in Kaduna. Hafeez was the sprint master for the event.

The meetup was organized by Osamudiamen Imasuen in collaboration with CoLab and Figma Africa.

You can read more about the event in technical detail here.

Images are worth a billion words, so take a look at a few.

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