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6 Things we Love about Harmattan in Kaduna

Hey guys, the harmattan is here and it came in pretty early. As at this time last year, we were still searching for the cold and dry dusty wind. Well, it’s here and I’m really glad about it. I don’t think I’m the only one who is though so I asked our followers on and off social media what they liked and compiled a list.

Here are 6 things we absolutely love about the Harmattan in Kaduna. If you live South of the Niger river, your harmattan is not harmattan.

1. The Weather

From the evening period till dawn, the weather is cool and the breeze is welcomed. You have temperature often hovering between 17ºC – 24ºC. and you never have to worry about sweaty nights. You can snuggle up in your blankets and just enjoy the warmth.

2. No More Rains

The start of a new season definitely means the end of one. The rains in Kaduna were pretty heavy this year and changed A LOT of plans for people. If you’ve gotten trapped at a location, had your favourite Suede or leather shoes ruined by water or even had your home flooded, you’d certainly be glad that harmattan is here.

3. Perfect FitFam Season

If you enjoy going for walks or runs in the mornings or evenings, there’s no better time than now. I personally enjoy running during the harmattan period and have often had my best running time during this period. You should try it.

4. Events!! Events!! Events!!!

Harmattan happens around the end of the year and that means its sort of associated with events. If you follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you’d already know that there is a whole lot happening this harmattan season. There are more events being planned all over Kaduna so be sure to turn up and have fun. You can find out events happening in Kaduna here.

5. Weather for 2, 3 or any amount you want

I’m not sure you need any weather to couple up but this was part of the response we got so here it is. If you have a significant other, guess this is your season. August and September babies, take note.

6. Finally get to Wear your Cool Sweaters

Sweaters are one of those attires you rarely wear but has a way of taking up space in your wardrobe. Well, the harmattan season gives you a chance to rock your cool sweaters, jackets or coats. I know some folks have got some they can’t wait to wear.

What other reasons do you like the harmattan season? Or do you hate it? Share with us in the comments section.

Photo credit: @MuyiwaAkhigbe

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