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My City: Kaduna

KADUNA, a city in North-western Nigeria popularly known for religious violence back in the the 90s and early 2000s. But what else do you know about Kaduna actually?

Well, Kaduna city has a very rich history with its interesting structures such as the Kaduna National Museum. Of particular note, is its Gallery of Nigerian Prehistory, from Neolithic times, to the recreation of a Hausa village behind the museum. The Nok civilisation may ring a bell.

Beautiful tourists sites like Kajuru castle is a place for the romantics. Fifth Chucker Polo and Country Club with a host of tournaments between May-June and October-November is perfect for those with a little leisure time.

Ilmi House Kaduna
Credit: Ilmi House

Naf Club with its lovely restaurant, garden bar, bar, dance restaurant and sporting activities including golf and polo is the perfect weekend fun activity. Kamuku National Park with its exquisite flora and fauna and other natural attractions like Dogon Ruwa Waterfalls, Goron Dutse and Tsaunin Rema is for those who yearn for a thrilling experience.

For lodging and comfort, a variety of options come to mind including Asaa Pryamid, Hotel Seventeen, Castle de White, Epitome Hotels and Suites, Hamdala hotel (just for viewing than lodging), Command Guest House, Crocodile hotel, Deluxe suites and host of others popping up around the city.

Another fun fact about the city is that the night stays young for those who are diehard insomniacs with spots like HashTag for a swell time, House 50 especially if karaoke’s your forte, Empire Lounge is fun all the way and Barcode Lounge is great for hangout.

Ilmi House Kaduna

For art and Book lovers, Ilimi house is a place to be. For tingling tastes that takes you back to mamas home cooking, checkout; Byblos Restaurant, L’Amire Restaurant, Kaduna Rugby Club, Waina Plus Restaurant, BottomPot Restaurant and for more continental dishes visit KungFu Chinese Restaurant and Delight Chinese Restaurant.

habil's habil cafehabil's cafe kaduna


For those looking for a quiet haven and a warm drink, Habil cafe, Midway cafe( formerly French Cafe) and Primenet cafe is the all . If shopping is your therapy you will have a comforting day visiting ASD City Mall, Sidi Plaza, Barnawa Shopping Complex, Ramat Shopping Mall, Mangal Plaza, Makarfi Plaza, Nine Star Shopping Mall to name a few. Good things to buy when in the city include textiles, leather goods and kaduna pottery.

Artisans located just behind the Kaduna National Museum produce beautiful hand loomed cloth, metalwork and other crafts which make for excellent gifts. The city is one of the most inexpensive to live in and can fit your Nigerian dream to the dot.


photo credit (Kaduna Bridge): James Felix

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