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Habil’s Café is Probably Kaduna’s Best Café

PRIIt is not common place to find breakfast cafés and coffee shops around Kaduna city but Habil’s Café is one that truly stands out. Actually, it may be the only true café for now.

Kaduna, like most Northern states, is a pretty calm town with people going about their businesses at a relaxed pace. There’s almost no rush to anything happening here. What that means is that you probably have enough time to catch a proper breakfast before heading to work or school.

The cafe which opened up in June 2017 during the Eid celebrations is one that has become a personal favorite. From the design, to the furnishings down to the music selection which creates a lovely ambience it is the perfect place for a cup of tea or coffee while you probably catch up with a friend or if you’re like me, solo.

habil's café kaduna


The menu is as English as you can guess and the options are varied. There’s an almost fixed menu on a chalkboard over the counter with the occasional weekly specials added whenever it’s available. I’ve had their waffles, pancakes and fries and it’s good. I’m not a pancake person but I do enjoy the pancakes at Habil. They are really fluffy and together with the orange juice, it’s a nice combination.

There’s a little wait time depending on what you order. It could take between 10 to 15 minutes to have your order ready however, I do suspect that it may take slightly longer when the café is full.

For what you get, I think the pricing is very decent. You can check out the menu and pricing in the photos below.

habil's cafe kaduna

habil's cafe kaduna

habil's cafe kaduna


Service is really good and there is a lot of attention paid to hygiene. This is a big plus for me as it is an area that can be taken for granted some times.

Free Wi-Fi is also provided at the Café. I think this is a great addition and completes the cafe experience. I’ve never had to use their Wi-Fi so I can’t tell for certain if it is fast or not. If you’re not all for gadgets and want to decompress, you can go with a book but I advise you purchase the coffee. However, don’t expect a library experience.

habil's cafe menu kaduna
Prices may have changed as the photo was taken some months ago.

If you’ve been to Habil’s Café, please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Location: 35 Muhammadu Buhari Way (WAFF Road), Opposite Hamdala Hotel (find on Google Maps)

Opening Hours: 7:30am – 10:00pm

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    I was born and brought up in kaduna state ,am very Happy to see coffee shops coming to kaduna it’s is great am so happy ,as a Coffee Barista at CAFE DE VIA, ABUJA I wish to come back and make sure that exoartorate and diplomats that visit kaduna have the best coffee and a natural feel ,cause I am a cafè specialist I can be contacted 08133107022

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