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Happy New Year Kaduna

A new year is upon us. Yay!

I know I’m 10 days late but they say, “it is better late than never” so here we are. 2017 was an interesting year for a lot of people, our country and us here at KnowKaduna. We launched our blog in October 2017 and went into an unplanned hiatus. 

Well, it is a new year and we are excited for the future and what it holds for us all. Are you still moving strong or you’re already lagging behind and playing catch up with your resolutions? You shouldn’t be.

Whether it is healthy eating, trying to lose weight, yoga spots, where to have fun (yes, it is possible in Kaduna) or hang out with friends and the latest happenings in Kaduna, we will share that with you. It is not all about fun but we will also be covering persons of interest and if you have any suggestions, please do shoot us an email at

There are a lot of amazing businesses and people and we will do more to give them coverage. Do follow us on Instagram, Twitter and like our page on Facebook to always be uptodate with all that happens.

2018 really promises to be exciting and as you work towards growing whether personally or your business, we wish you a truly happy new year.

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