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CoLab is Kaduna’s First Innovation Hub and Co-Working Space

For those familiar with the budding tech scene in Kaduna, the name CoLab may not sound new to you. However, for those who are unfamiliar with the name, CoLab is Kaduna’s first Innovation Hub and Co-Working space. The hub provides co-working spaces for people who may not be interested in renting out offices and having to deal with associated responsibilities that comes with running an office such as maintenance. It also helps individuals build out their ideas and supports a budding tech community.

CoLab is working to grow a collaborative community of programmers, developers, designers, bloggers, graphic designers, photographers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and tech enthusiasts generally.

With a lot of talent in Kaduna which was identified by the founder, Sanusi Ismaila, the hub was set up with a long-term goal to create an ecosystem and make Kaduna an IT hub; the go-to place in Nigeria, when there’s any IT related need. On their blog, CoLab shares in detail what it wants to achieve.

It is a wonderful environment to work from and network with people who may help you even solve problems. Internet services and light are provided for a token and should be taken advantage of. The hub which is trying to encourage women to embrace tech, gives free access to all female developers interested in coming over. There are also special plans for corpers serving in Kaduna.

It is an amazing place to work from and meet up with people who are also doing wonderful things. A point to connect not just on the grounds of technology, but also literature, art and many other interests. The PurpleSilverCommunity hold their meetups at the

Here are a few photos of what the space looks like.

You can find out more information about the hub here.

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