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Introducing KnowKaduna

KnowKaduna is a blog that is going to focus on the lovely city that is Kaduna. Through posts, I hope to spread my love for the lovely city of Kaduna to you and also serve as an outlet for happenings in the city.

Whether you’ve just moved to Kaduna or have lived here all your life, I hope you’ll find this blog useful and informative. 

Why Start KnowKaduna?

I love to travel and every time I’ve found myself in the Southern parts of this country or interacting with people who have lived in the Southern part of the country, I often get questions like, “How do you live there?”, “Is Boko Haram not disturbing you?” or “How does a Christian survive in such a place?”

Having travelled around Nigeria, nothing baffles me as much as this misconception of what Kaduna state (and the North in general) is like. Certainly there have been occasional disturbance of peace and religious controversies which have polarized the city but that is not what daily life is about right now. Steps are being taken by residents to make things better in a place we call home.

Well for me, starting this blog is the first step towards my journey of showing the beauty of living in this city. I want to show a part that is not often found on mainstream media. When I move around, sometimes all I see is beauty. From as little as the sunset to the cool weather perfect for running or the occasional friendly smile from strangers who actually are not always out to “get you” this city is home to me.

This idea has been in my head for the past 3 years now and I had started about twice even going ahead to get various domain names registered. Third time should be the charm. 🙂

There is a whole lot I want to share and as I currently juggle this with my job, a NanoDegree program and other responsibilities that have a way of creeping up once you make plans, I will definitely keep you posted.

This blog will also take a community approach so with time, contributions, guest posts and suggestions will be welcomed. All you have to do is contact us.

We already have an active presence on social media so do connect with us on Twitter, Instagram and also like our Facebook page to get the latest.

My name is Joy, I am a 23-year old writer (tech enthusiast and many other things in between). I love a good book, sports, have a thing for sunsets and enjoy dining alone. Connect with me and let me know what we can achieve together.

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